The “Discover Diving” programme is a Guest House’s solution for those who want to try their hand under the water. After getting to know the theory and doing some exercises in shallow water, a person accompanied by a professional instructor will enjoy the underwater trip. We work with a professional diving instructor Ireneusz Lewaśkiewicz (www.szkolenianurkowania.cba.pl).

At the end of the training, you can continue the course and get a certificate.
Price of the programme: about PLN 150 / person (price discount for groups)

The price includes:

  • Presentation – introduction to diving
  • Short training on safety
  • Full diving equipment (wetsuit, flippers, mask, jacket, diving gases, machines, torch, etc.)
  • Supervision of an instructor throughout the duration of the training

Additionally for groups:

  • approx. two-hour introductory lecture with a discussion of safe diving rules
  • Possibility to dive using the underwater track
  • Diving at night with lights

Advantages of the place:

  • Possibility to descend up to 8 metres
  • High transparency of the water (the Orzyc River)
  • Possibility to see many species of fish
  • Beautiful lichens on the bottom of the Orzyc River
  • Lush vegetation in shallow waters


Bobrowy Dwór
Smrock - Dwór 16 A,
06 - 220 Szelków
  • +48 (29) 717 62 15
  • +48 (29) 717 61 83

Bank account PEKAO S.A.
Ireneusz Łachacki
06-220 Szelków,
Smrock - Dwór 16 A

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