Receptions and integrations

“Bobrowy Dwór” guest house has two banquet halls of various sizes, for single or combined use, allowing for organization of receptions for both 80 and 250 people. The Guests can use an intimate dining room with a fireplace and a spacious terrace by the water. Additionally, extensive and interestingly arranged area around the Guest House gives the possibility to organise integration in an intimate atmosphere and to prepare an outdoor reception for several hundreds of people.

We also deal with catering (including holiday catering served by the waiters)

In order to obtain an individual offer meeting your expectations, please contact the Guest House’s Reception Desk.

Bobrowy Dwór
Smrock - Dwór 16 A,
06 - 220 Szelków
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Ireneusz Łachacki
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Smrock - Dwór 16 A

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